Super Housing Partnerships Endorses Victoria's Housing Statement for 2024-2034


Super Housing Partnerships Endorses Victoria's Housing Statement for 2024-2034

Super Housing Partnerships endorses the Victorian Government's Housing Statement, titled "The Next Decade | 2024 – 2034 Affordability Partnership”. CEO of Super Housing Partnerships, Ms Carolyn Viney has accepted the invitation of the Government to be a signatory to the Statement at its launch today.

"Housing is more than just four walls; it's the foundation of our communities, economies, and personal well-being," says Ms Viney. "Victoria's proactive approach is a leading example of what can be achieved when government and industry put their shoulders to the wheel and collectively focus on the complex drivers of our current affordable housing challenges."

The alarming decrease in housing affordability and the corresponding challenges that many Victorians face when trying to secure a home has reached crisis levels and cannot be ignored. Super Housing Partnerships supports the Government and the Housing Industry for acknowledging the gravity of this situation and committing to a transformative strategy to increase housing supply and, as part of this, stimulating institutional investment in affordable housing.

Super Housing Partnerships launched in November 2022 supported by founding investment partner HESTA with an commitment of $240 million towards a pipeline of Victorian social and affordable build-to-rent projects.

“Super Housing Partnerships looks forward to working with Government and other industry participants to execute on the commitments made in this Statement and with those combined efforts is confident we can together achieve the housing which we all agree is much needed for the benefit of the economy and the community.” Ms Viney said.

Highlights of the Agreement:

- Shared Responsibility: The collaboration between the Government and the Housing Industry demonstrates a comprehensive approach, ensuring all Victorians will benefit.

- Stimulating Investment: Super Housing Partnerships is particularly encouraged by the streamlined processes and the investment in the Department of Transport and Planning, which is anticipated to fast-track housing developments, especially those focusing on affordable housing.

- Quality and Efficiency: Ensuring the construction of quality homes while expediting the development process is essential for the well-being and satisfaction of all Victorians.

- Affordability: As advocates for affordable housing, Super Housing Partnerships commends the emphasis placed on ensuring every Victorian has access to housing within their means.

- Regular Review: Setting a robust target of 800,000 homes over the next decade and committing to periodic reviews will ensure accountability and adjustments as needed.

"We believe in the power of partnership, and this Agreement epitomizes the alignment between key sector participants to create lasting change in the housing landscape," adds Ms Viney.

Super Housing Partnerships remains dedicated to its mission and looks forward to seeing the positive outcomes of this ambitious Agreement unfold over the next decade. Together, we can build a brighter, more inclusive Victoria where every resident has a place to call home.