About us

Super Housing Partnerships (SHP) is a specialist housing fund manager focused on increasing the housing supply in Australia through partnerships with institutional investors.

SHP offers asset owners the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of build to rent (multi-family) housing with resilient long-term returns in the rapidly emerging Australian asset class.

SHP works to create a flow of capital from institutional investments into new housing at scale.

Artist rendering of a street with multiple apartment buildings.


Artist rendering of a street with multiple apartment buildings.


We exist to provide innovative solutions to significantly increase the supply of Affordable, Sustainable and Suitable housing choices to all Australians whilst providing investment returns for our asset owner clients.


We see an Australia where institutional capital is successfully invested at scale in solutions that enable all people, especially those without housing choices to have access to Affordable, Sustainable and Suitable homes.


We are a vehicle for innovation in response to Australia’s unacceptable housing crisis. We originate, facilitate, invest, and manage capital into housing solutions at scale. We deliver value for investors, and homes for Australians.


The investible pipeline in the emerging build to rent sector is forecast to reach in excess of $320 billion.

Focusing on direct property investment and procurement of third-party debt and equity capital into housing projects with a positive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact at their core, Super Housing Partnerships aims to provide 10% of the sector's total capital requirements

Artist rendering of a rooftop construction site with a view of Melbourne in the background.


Photo of the Assemble team with a new tree that is being planted.
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Assemble, a housing developer and community management business that is, in its own right, on a mission to make high-quality income appropriate housing more accessible to low and middle-income Australians while providing stable, long-term investment returns to Assembles' investors.

Super Housing Partnerships operates independently from Assemble and its cornerstone investor, AustralianSuper.